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    The TPLF propaganda claims that Ethiopia has achieved economic growth of about 10 per cent every year for the last decade. But one ethnic group controls the economies. This group has in the past, and is still building its military and intelligence . The National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), controlling every citizen in the country.

    The so-called good economy that TPLF claims is blooming has yet to reach most of the country’s 90 million people. Ethio ... Read more »

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    (http://networkedblogs.com/) Somalia was one of the best powerful nations of the African continent ever since it gained its full-Independence from European Colonialists and right after its Independence many African countries gained their Independence with the help of Somalia.
    Abyssinia’s face
    ... Read more »
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    (http://www.unpo.org) International oil corporations continue pouring into oil-rich Ogaden without the consent of the region’s local population. Whereas Ethiopia claims the foreign companies’ presence will contribute to the development of Ogaden, locals believe it is impossible to profit from the foreign oil industry, unless a political solution with regard to Ogaden’s demands for self-determination is found. 

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    Freedom of Expression is at risk in Ethiopia.The government highly restrict the work of journalists through intimidation,threats and punitive arrests under dubious laws.Article 19 produced this documentary to highlight the plight of journalists in Ethiopia.


    ... Read more »

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    (madamasr.com)For those Egyptians who tend to view the Nile as a limitless resource, Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam has been a wake-up call.

    In May, Ethiopia announced it would divert the flow of the Nile to make way for the construction of the dam. The news led to a fiery confrontation between Ethiopia and Egypt. But now, those tensions are beginning to eas ... Read more »

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    Farole Arrests and Tortures 15 Somali Ogaden Deportee

    Sunday, 05 January 2014 17:13

    By: Ahmed Abdi

    Somalilandsun - The Puntland Administration has arrested and severely tortured 15 undocumented Somali deportees fromSaudi Arabia on Friday.

    These 15-young men were trying to return to Ethiopian-Occupied Ogaden region by way of Puntland after they were deported from Saudi Arabia ,but Punt-lan ... Read more »
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                       Ethiopia’s New Plan to Hunt, Kill or Maim Ogaden citizenry in the Diaspora
    (Ogaden Online News)The Ogaden Online News Network’s investigators have received confidential  information about a new clandestine plan to hunt, kill, maim, or intimidate, at the very least, the Ogaden citizenry in the Diaspora  especially in the Kenyan refugee cam ... Read more »
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    (Reuters) - Ethiopian police have arrested five more people suspected of plotting suicide bombings during Ethiopia's World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria in October, security officials said on Thursday.

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    (the guardian) More than 100,000 Ethiopian men, women and children have been expelled from the kingdom as labour rules tighten
    ... Read more »
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    The ethiopian regime security force harassing civilians in Jijiga in the past few days the somali president and his clan members with the help of agazi they put a lot of checkpoint on the town .Jijiga now under military controll and they arrest a lot of civilians ,.the tension in Jiji ... Read more »

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