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    history repeats itself all ethiopian knows what happened in the past is not far to forget those tplf warlords dragging

    the populations in to war we learn from our past and we make our future .how can we trust the tplf and there propaganda on egypt .let me touch some points from the past what profits we get between eritrea and ethiopia war ... Read more »

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    (Aswat Masriya)   ... Read more »
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    UK foreign aid, the final insult: Ethiopian sues Britain after claiming our £1.3billion prog ... Read more »

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    In the harsh oromia region of Ethiopia, impoverished ethnic oromo ... Read more »

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    Abdel Latif El-Menawy
    Al Arabiya

    THREE years ago I warned of the water crisis and the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam via a series of articles. I traveled to Ethiopia and Eritrea and met with late Ethiopian premier Meles Zenawi and Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki in an attempt to provide the public with the opportunity to learn what is going on ... Read more »

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    Free Jailed Journalists, Allow Media Freedom

    MAY 3, 2013

    Ethiopia’s journalists shouldn’t be spending World Press Freedom Day in jail on trumped-up terrorism charges. Freeing these journalists would be an important step toward improving Ethiopia’s deteriorating record on press freedom.

    Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director.

    (Nairobi) – The Ethiopian government should mark World Press Freedom Day, on May 3, 2013, by immediately releasing all journalists jailed under the country’s deeply flawed anti-terrorism law. On May 2, 2013, the Supreme Court upheld an 18-year sentence under the anti-terrorism law for Eskinder Nega Fenta, a journalist and blogger who received the 2012 PEN Freedom to Write Award.

    Eleven journalists have been convicted and sentenced since 2011 under Et ... Read more »
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    By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

    (sudan tribune) April 30 2013 (ADDIS ABABA) - The Ethiopian government on Monday has reiterated its readiness to hold peace talks with Eritrea to resolve their decades-long border dispute.

    JPEG - 33 kb ... Read more »
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    The multiple impacts of a major hydrodam development project on 
    Ethiopia’s Omo River are examined through a resource use and natural system analysis focused on the half million indigenous people whose lives would be radically changed by the dam’s downstream environmental consequences.

     The author warns of an impending human rights and ecological catastrophe that is being minimized by the governments of the 
    three nation states t ... Read more »
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    US gives 4 more F-16 fighter jets to Egyptian government despite outcry

     &nbs ... Read more »

    Views: 1523 | Added by: dani | Date: 2013-04-12 | Comments (34)

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