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    Main » 2014 » June » 19 » The Unintended Effects of Norway’s Readmission Agreement with Ethiopia
    1:07 AM
    The Unintended Effects of Norway’s Readmission Agreement with Ethiopia
    1 .Since the agreement on readmission was signed between Norway and Ethiopia in 2012, there has been no
    increase in the number of people deported to Ethiopia.
    2.The controversial agreement resulted in a fierce national debate in Norway on issues of asylum and return. It
    also affected the lives of several hundred Ethiopians residing irregularly in Norway
    3.Norway’s strong interest in return provides Ethiopia with valuable bargaining chips for any future
    negotiations and may affect other bilateral issues.
    4.When discussing policies on return migration, it is important to consider effects that may not have been part of
    the original intentions of a given
    The Memorandum of Understandingon readmission In January 2012, Norwegian and Ethiopian representatives signed a Memorandum of
    Understanding (MoU) in which the Ethiopian government agreed to facilitate both voluntary and forced return of Ethiopian nationals residing irregularly in Norway. Having sought areadmission agreement with Ethiopia for 20
    years, the Norwegian government regarded the Memorandum as an achievement. It opened up for the return of more than 700 Ethiopians whose asylum applications had been rejected, and was presented as a mile-stone in the Norwegian government’s work toincrease the number of bilateral agreementson readmission.
    However, although the agreement was sup-posed to be effectuated uponsigning, imple-mentation of the new policy has beenslow. In 2012, the overall outcome of the policy waspresented in a positive light by the ruling
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