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    Main » 2013 » September » 25 » The Ethiopian regime is preparing a new law for peaceful demonstrations.
    4:44 AM
    The Ethiopian regime is preparing a new law for peaceful demonstrations.


    According to article 30, in the Ethiopian constitution, every citizen have the right to protest peacefully.Now the regime will plan every anti- government protest. The protests will be located at places like Jan Meda, wich is one of the biggest open spaces, and Burayu, which is a marketplace. What do these places have in common? No audience,and it becomes very easy for the police to control the masses which mean that it will be far more difficult to document what happends there.

    the mayor of addis ababa says we will revise every idea about the peaceful protest written in the constitution.

    የአዲስ አበባ ከተማ አስተዳደርም ህግ መንግስቱ ላይ የሰፈሩትንና ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ በማድረግና በመሰብሰብ መብት ላይ ያተኮሩትን ጥቅል ሀሳቦች በዝርዘር ማየቱ አስፈላጊ በመሆኑ፥ ህገመንግስቱን በአግባቡ ለመተግበር የሚያስችል መመሪያ ማዘጋጀቱን ገልጿል

    on the last sunday Police have blocked thousands of Blue Party demonstrators from rallying to the City’s biggest square, Meskel Square. They were blocked after they walked 100 meters from their Head office in Ginfele,near 4Kilo. The leaders of Blue Party have ordered demonstrators to return back to the Party’s Head Office and to peacefully continue the demo there.

    by daniel 

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