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    3:16 AM
    foils TPLF's attempt to assassinate Abebe Gelaw

    The Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) today reported that the "American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has aborted a plot by Ethiopian regime agents to kill Journalist Abebe Gelaw".  Abebe is based in the United States. The Radio Station also added that the suspected plotters who are believed to be members of the core of the ruling party Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), Tigrean Peoples'  Liberation Front (TPLF) are now under investigation by U.S. authorities. 

    Speaking to the Radio, Abebe said the plot was set "to shoot him" when he was travelling to Boston last month on a Fund raising trip for ESAT. "The planner of the plot is called Geu'sh Abera and he was plotting with few other friends who live in the same building with him in Boston" Abebe said.  "FBI had information about the plot and took the right measure which aborted the plot." The Radio added. Abebe told the Radio that investigators also went to the suspect's home and conducted investigation. The investigation is still underway. The Radio promised to air short interviews it held with an  FBI representative and Gregory H. Stanton, President – Genocide Watch tomorrow

    Abebe  himself just wrote the following on his Facebook page with ESAT TV's report on the issue,

    "Yes, it is true! FBI has foiled an assassination plot against me in Boston. The plot, orchestrated by the agents of the TPLF regime, was nipped in the bud. Here in America, the land of the free, we have two powerful weapons against lawless thugs and terrorists. We have the law and the truth on our side. TPLF cannot stand these powerful weapons when the need arises."

    "The cross-boarder assassination behavior of TPLF is a long standing story where they murdered thousands of Ethiopians" read a comment by another person on a social media after this news was broadcast.  

    Journalist Abebe became popular after this (footage below) popular incident when he loudly protested and interrupted the late Ethiopian Prime Minster Meles Zenawi's speech on food security held on the sideline of the G8 summit at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC on Friday, May 18, 2012. 
    Journalist Abebe  loudly protested saying "Meles Zenawi is a Dictator! You are committing crimes against humanity. We need freedom! Free Eskinder Nega and all political Prisoners in Ethiopia" Meles Zenawi then bows down in shame and fear for a while before he continued his talk. Meles Zenawi died  a couple of months after this incident.  Abebe said in an interview later that he was threatened by one of the Prime Minister's bodyguards who said he "will kill him". While Abebe was considered as a "Hero" by many who oppose the regime, he was labeled an "enemy" by supporters and members of the regime. Abebe is also among a number of Ethiopian journalists accused of "terrorism" and was sentenced to 15 years in absentia in July last year.

    Abebe has won various international awards and fellowships such from Reuters Foundation, Knight Fellowship and Human Rights Watch (HRW). After completing his undergraduate degree at the Addis Abeba University, Abebe worked in various private and State English newspapers before he was exiled in London, U.K. in 1998. Stanford University had designated Abebe the 2008-2009 Yahoo International Fellow, the third journalist to receive the honour.  Abebe launched in May 2006. He is also one of the founders and staff of the Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT)

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    they are not engaged in this kind of child game.they dont have time for to lay and waste peoples time.
    Answer: they are not

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    this is so fullish,the national intelegence of ethiopia (niss) as the americans said is one of the most powrful unit in africa and the midleast.

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