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    Main » 2012 » September » 5 » EPRDF finishes meeting without electing its Chair
    6:12 PM
    EPRDF finishes meeting without electing its Chair
    In a closed meeting that was held in the Office of the Prime Minister in Addis Abeba, the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Front (EPRDF) disbanded without electing its Chairperson and Deputy. 

    The Front stated in a press release that it has postponed the election to fill the vacant spots to be concluded by the Front's Council meeting that will be held in the first week of the  Ethiopian new year. The Ethiopian new year is on Tuesday September 11, 2012. 

    The press release contained this 'bizarre' sounding sentence at its conclusion, 
    Within those who are in a struggle of a common goal, the installment of leadership is an easy issue as it is simply assigning a comrade who would pay huge sacrifices... and rather the focus should be on our respective duties.
    The Chairperson of the Front is also the Prime Minister of Ethiopia but as the Front has no Chairperson and Deputy at the moment,  Ethiopia and the Front remain leaderless. There have been reports the past few weeks that there has been a power struggle within the ruling party and the election of Front Chairperson and Parliamentary approval has been continuously postponed to "buy time for backdoor lobbies and reach at an agreeable candidate".

    The Amhraic version of the Press Release can be read here.
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