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    Main » 2013 » March » 26 » TPLF and OPDO prison guards in Addis Ababa pulled guns on each other
    3:29 PM
    TPLF and OPDO prison guards in Addis Ababa pulled guns on each other

        [ ethiopian review ]  Since last Friday the Woyanne junta's death squads named Federal Police have been rounding up and jailing hundreds of young Ethiopians for no good reason. While in jail, many of the detainees have been savagely beaten up. 

    At one of the detention centers, when mothers of the detainees confronted the police and demanded to let them visit their children, the TPLF 
    guardsstarted to insult them and shove them around. At this point, the guards from other ethnic groups, particularly OPDO members, told the TPLF guards to stop. When the TPLF guards brushed them off and continued to abuse the mothers, the Oromo guards tried to physically intervene, at which point the situation escalated and both sides pulled guns on each other. 

    Outnumbered and outgunned, moments later, the TPLF prison guard backed off and the mothers were allowed to visit their children. 

    This was reported to Ethiopian Review earlier today by a brother of one of the detainees whose mother was victimized by the TPLF prison guards. 

    For the safety of our source I cannot name the police station where this particular confrontation took place, but after further inquiry, I have learned that similar incidents have been occurring in other places as well recently. Apparently, OPDO is becoming increasingly assertive and in many cases its officials are overriding decisions made by the TPLF junta.

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