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    Main » 2013 » July » 16 » the mass arrest of oromo individuals in Kilinto detention center
    6:29 PM
    the mass arrest of oromo individuals in Kilinto detention center

    DR merera gudina confirmed the arrest of those oromos on an interview with ESAT they are in  bad conditions some of them need medical treatment they are injured badly by prison investigators

    Dr merera interview

     Currently there is no rule of law in Ethiopia and there is no independent judiciary system that one can get fair justice or due process of law where one can prove one’s innocence. The TPLF government is the prosecutor, the witness, the judge and the jury. An accusation by TPLF cadres is tantamount to a sentence by a court. Besides, The TPLF government is doing its best to clear every single opposition more than ever by enacting suitable instrument (law) in the name of ‘anti-terrorism’ and the new controversial approval of licence to kill for NISS that already started to be exercised since june 2013. The government using this potent instrument is cracking down on political dissent, including peaceful political demonstrations and public criticisms of government policy that are deemed supportive of armed opposition activity. The currently working law permits long-term imprisonment and even the death penalty for "crimes" that bear no resemblance, under any credible definition, to terrorism. It also deprives defendants of the right to be presumed innocent, and of protections against use of evidence obtained through torture. Most importantly The Proclamation is working in the context of concerns over political repression, suppression of freedom of speech and independent civil society, the impunity conferred on security forces, Right now, Individuals are sent to long time and life imprisonment, and given death penalty without any evidence simply because they stood for their basic human right.

    By daniel mekonen

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