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    1:57 PM
    Press crackdown in Addis Abeba

    Press crackdown in Addis Abeba

    Ethiopia's capital, Addis Abeba is hit by Newspaper drought. The update below by Finote Netsanet Newspaper, voice of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party,  reports that newspapers that would usually have come out on Friday are not yet out in the market suggesting a newer press crackdown and hijacking of the Ethiopian press. There are quite few Newspaper vendors in the streets of Addis Abeba too. The sole private printing press, Horizon, has also been locked up by the regime. Although there are reports that the state owned Berhan ena Selam printing press had printed Fetehe Newspaper last night, the paper has not yet been dispatched from the Printing Press to the market. The health status of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, who has been reported "dead, critically ill and well" by various media has boomed the Ethiopian readership that has been absent for the past few years. There is a rumor of power struggle within the ruling party on who takes over Mles Zenawi's post. The regime seems to be on a move of cracking down on the few private press that are feeding the populace 'interested and empowered" by such news items, sources at the private media speculate. 
     የአቶ መለስ መንግስት የፕሬስ አፈናውን በተጠናከረ መልኩ ቀጠለ አዲስ አበባ ያለወትሮዋ በዕለተ አርብ የጋዜጣ ድርቅ መትቷታል፡፡ የጋዜጣ አዟሪዎችም ብዙም አይታዩም፤ መንግስት ዛሬ አርብ መሰራጨት የነበረባቸውን የፖለቲካም ሆነ የስፖርት ጋዜጦች ሳያግት እንዳልቀረ መረጃዎች አመላከቱ፡፡ ብቸኛው የግል ጋዜጣ አታሚ ሆራይዘን ማተሚያ ቤት ታሽጓል፡፡ ብርሀንና ሰላምም ምክንያቱ በግልፅ ባልታወቀ ሁኔታ ፍትህን አትሞ አላስረከበም፡፡ ገዢዎቹ የሀገሪቱን ህገ-መንግስት በመናድ የፕሬስ አፈናውን አጠናክረውታል፡፡
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