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    2:10 AM
    oromo prisoners in ethiopia

    The current ruling party of Ethiopia has intensified yet again its war of ethnic cleaning on the Oromo people. Lately, it has targeted Oromo communities in Eastern Hararge. The communities directly affected in the recent campaign include those who live in the districts of Anniyyaa, Jaarsoo, and Mi’eesoo,in the last few weeks the tplf paramilitary force taking actions on civilians oromo in the connection with olf and egypt, the human right situations of oromo is critical in ethiopia today, how many oromo prisoners in ethiopia on the current time no one knows the exact figure it is difficult to know the perfect number,the NGO , non governmental organizations and human right groups reported the detnations through time.

    According to Freedom House, under the government of Meles discrimination against and repression of Oromo people was widespread.Human Rights Watch (HRW) notes that local government in the Oromia Region has "routinely commit[ted] various human rights violations against people they believe to be critical or unsupportive of the government." After relations between the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the ruling government broke down in 1992, the government banned the OLF, and has since regularly accused political detainees of being OLF operatives. HRW further notes that "according to former Ethiopian President Negasso Gidada, when he left office in 2001 roughly 25,000 people were in prison on OLF-related charges throughout Oromia and in Addis Ababa and no public moves have since been made to substantially reduce the number of detainees.

    the mass arrestation of oromo continued in the recent demonstration of oromos in cairo and oslo norway against the nile dam,the ethiopian dictator regime uses the nile dam for political profits ,the tplf and their current propaganda on the oromo peoples and the movement of olf creating tension among the oromo populations inside the country.situations of oromo far worse than before in the last few weeks.

    by daniel masho

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