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    Main » 2012 » August » 30 » Imploding TPLF powerhouse built on sand
    2:12 AM
    Imploding TPLF powerhouse built on sand


    By Robele Ababya

    The stage-managed wailing in Addis Ababa 40 days after the death of genocidal leader tyrant Meles Zenawi is pretty much a copycat of the funeral services held for the Dear Leader Kim Ill Sung of North Korea – and therefore not surprising. This thuggish behavior of the TPLF top leaders derives mainly from the immoral flow of political, financial and material support of western donors to keep the late tyrant Zenawi in power for 21 years and the lack of the opposition forces to act in unison in as many years – not to mention the relatively recent similar support by Communist China actively collaborating with the repressive regime to deny the masses freedom of expression and access to independent news and information media outlets.

    It is unfortunate that the illegitimate regime in Addis Ababa has been unable to emulate the enviable example of Ghana of effecting smooth transfer of power promptly and hold a decent state burial to its President; instead the ruthless TPLF party chose to copycat the North Korean example to elaborately glorify the undeserving former tyrant Meles Zenawi.

    One wonders how the powers in being in the western democracies would explain to their peoples the cult of a monster their tax money had created in the strategically key region in the Horn of Africa.

    President Barrack Obama, at this time of running for his second and last term, should worry and take action about the embarrassing chaotic manner the thugs at the top of the TPLF regime are handling the shaky transition period considering that they are grossly orchestrating a nationwide wailing over the death of a tyrant for cheap political gains in contempt of the Ethiopian people at the same time insulting the intelligence of the global community in the 21st century. I would like to most respectfully bring to the attention of the President that I completely agree Erin Burnett of CNN that "U.S. aid to neither Ethiopia helping neither us nor Ethiopians”.

    People are asking whether any one among the mourners clad in black dresses has seen the body of Zenawi in the coffin laid for viewing in his palace. And some suggest that the TPLF should take comfort in the words of Saint Paul in the Holy Bible, "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” in Philippians 1:21 if their late dictator was a believer in Christ and stop the shameful dramatized wailing. As for me I contend that the TPLF top leaders could have arranged for a dignified funeral by avoiding the wailings and chest beatings condemned by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church during the Imperial regime for all I know. I condemn the retrogressive spectacle!

    The burial of the late tyrant is reportedly going to take place at the Orthodox Tewahido Christian Saint Trinity Cathedral in Addis Ababa on 02 September 2012. Requiem mass is held for offenders who had confessed their sins; funeral is held within church premises for saved Christians. Has the late Zenawi met the criteria?
    For all martyrs and victims of TPLF the word of God is being fulfilled for it says in Romans 12:19 "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” and in Deuteronomy 32:35 "To me belongeth vengeance and recompense; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste.” God is making good on His promises on our watch. Glory to Him!
    The crumbling TPLF powerhouse built on sand
    The gigantic former USSR collapsed and its satellite communist states followed suit; the Derg regime that was heavily dependent on these countries was ousted from power by the TPLF assisted by the western powers as a retribution for Mengistu’s alliance with the Communist Block. Here then is a lesson to learn and warning to heed for the top TPLF leaders; their powerhouse built on sand is crumbling and they know it too. They must therefore surrender to the Ethiopian people in peace in order to avert internecine carnage and bloodshed so that history will be kind to them.

    In the aftermath of the death of tyrant Zenawi, the valiant people of Tigray are witnessing a display of shame by a repressive ruling regime trading in their good names. They should ask the top TPLF diehard leaders to resign for the sake of keeping their glory as the cradle of Ethiopian civilization; ending this madness of tarnishing the image of Ethiopia by insulting the intelligence of the cultured and patient Ethiopian people is both a legitimate moral duty for all of us.

    The vanishing thin line between peaceful and all-inclusive struggle
    The response of the repressive TPLF regime to peaceful struggle has so far been instant incarcerations, beatings, and extra-judicial killings of unarmed protesters, demanding for their constitutional rights, by security forces under the direct command of tyrant Zenawi. Patience is running out and one last try is to trigger popular uprising in a mammoth demonstration occupying public squares in all cities throughout Ethiopia and elevated the uprising to an-all inclusive self-defense in case the brutal regime breaks its constitution by pulling the trigger.

    The above has been my deep conviction before that I am reaffirming now I response to some comments from readers of my Part (I) of my article dated 24 August 2001. I would therefore urge the Ethiopian people to turn up in millions in public squares throughout the country and assert their freedom of expression as a matter of their constitutional right, dictate terms for democratic change and test the reaction of the brutal regime in power. Failure on the part of the ruling party to acquiesce to the diktat of the people will surely provoke all-inclusive multi-dimensional struggles for freedom from slavery. Specific strategies cannot be revealed or discussed on the media. Once armed struggle at the initiation of TPLF security starts by killing innocent demonstrators, Ethiopians in the Diaspora will step up their diplomatic struggle and organize centralized provision of material and financial support to armed compatriots at home. Some in the Diaspora may also opt to join the armed struggle at home as was the case during the shameful 1998-2000 Ethiopia – Eritrea war.
    Once people inundate public squares the stage will be set to deal with the puppet TPLF government. Calls for a national assembly (NA) such as the ones being made by the UDJP, AEUP and others at home and the ENTC, Shengo et al in the Diaspora can easily materialize on home soil where it (NA) must be held. Credible signs are that the component parts in the EPRDF coalition are going to fall apart with the Amahara and Oromo representative components exercising their right as majority in claiming leadership to replace the dominance of TPLF.


    1.Massive demonstration at public squares should be staged as a matter of constitutional right as a continuing process unleashed by Ethiopian Muslims; any retaliatory action by TPLF to silence peaceful change by the power of the gun should be met by all-inclusive self-defense actions standing in readiness; consensus for holding an all-inclusive national assembly and the establishment of national accountability, truth and reconciliation forum (ATRF) should emerge from the massive demonstration from the demonstration. Calls for a national assembly such as the ones being made by the UDJP, AEUP and others at home and the ENTC, Shengo et al in the Diaspora can easily materialize on home soil where the assembly must be held. This means that people have taken power, which the army and security forces must respect

    2.The demand for immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, including Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Temesgen Desalegn, Reyot Alemu, Muslim leaders et al, held in Ethiopia must be top priority at the centre of the struggle for freedom and dignity

    3.Embracing and protecting time-tested Judo-Christian and Muslim values is a must. There is only one creator of the universe; no to religious extremism in Ethiopia!

    4.The young generation should play an active role to end the legacy of tyranny inherited from the 21 years of misrule of the TPLF exclusive racist regime and ensure that the specter of intimidation shall never hover over the heads of succeeding generations.

    5.The TPLF powerhouse built on sand is imploding before our watch! It is unacceptable to live under the leadership of remnants of the late tyrant Zenawi who oversaw Ethiopia sinking into the abyss. As civilized and cultured Ethiopians, we cannot tolerate the vulgar, abrasive, offensive and abusive words exuding from the mouth of this traitor, killer, and pathological liar. Therefore I strongly believe that the only choice for us Ethiopians is to remove TPLF from power through intensified struggle in unison. The stolen choice of the Ethiopian people amply demonstrated at the polls of 15 May 2005 must be upheld and sustained. For the arduous and noble struggle ahead, Ethiopians, given the past and present bitter experiences of our country, should realize that they have only their God and themselves to score victory over tyranny and abject poverty plaguing the people of our motherland

    6.The inevitable demise of the TPLF powerhouse is in the making on our watch. Credible signs are that the component parts in the EPRDF coalition are going to fall apart with the Amahara and Oromo representative components exercising their right as majority in claiming leadership to replace the dominance of TPLF.

    7.My arguments and conclusion are in large part influenced by my recollection garnered in the 20th century when I was privy to top secret defense documents, familiarity with deficient policy and systemic shortcomings as well as involvement in the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution brought forward to the 21st century to compare the present with the past by taking advantage of hindsight. This is to inform readers that my suggestions have reasonable basis.

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