Egyptian warning over Ethiopia Nile dam - 18 June 2013 - ethiopian poltices
Friday, 2014-10-31, 10:33 AM
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    2:38 AM
    Egyptian warning over Ethiopia Nile dam

     Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has said "all options are open” to deal with any threat to his country’s water supply posed by an Ethiopian dam.

    Mr Morsi said he was not "calling for war”, but that he would not allow Egypt’s water supply to be endangered.

    Egypt was apparently caught by surprise when Ethiopia started diverting the Blue Nile last month, amid works to construct a hydroelectric dam.

    The river is a tributary of the Nile, on which Egypt is heavily dependent.

    The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a $4.7bn (£3.1bn) project that Ethiopia says will eventually provide 6,000 megawatts of power.

    It says the Blue Nile will be slightly diverted but will then be able to follow its natural course.

    "Egypt’s water security cannot be violated at all,” Mr Morsi said on Monday. "As president of the state, I confirm to you that all options are open.”

    "If Egypt is the Nile’s gift, then the Nile is a gift to Egypt,” he said, quoting popular sayings about the river in an emotive televised speech.

    "The lives of the Egyptians are connected around it… as one great people. If it diminishes by one drop then our blood is the alternative.”    

    The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam     



    The people of Ethiopia, the ultimate owner of the nation’s development activities, deserve outstanding honor and recognition, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said.

    He called on the public to move to further developmental victories by strengthening the sustainability of the public mobilization and unity witnessed for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

    The government of Ethiopia prepared a recognition evening on the eve of the Ethiopian New Year, September 11/2011, to thank those who contributed to the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

    The recognition program aims at strengthening the popular motivation created over the past seven months in support of the Renaissance Dam Project.

    On the occasion held at Millennium Hall, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi called on the public to continue the support. "I call on the Public to transform to further developmental victories by ensuring the sustainability of the public mobilization and unity witnessed on this particular moment,” Meles said.

    "The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a tangible manifestation of Ethiopians’ robust commitment to development.”

    Chairperson of the National Committee for construction of the Renaissance Dam, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hailemariam Dessalegn announced on the event that nearly 7 billion birr has been collected so far from various sections of the society.

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