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    4:26 PM
    Civilian’s crackdown in Ogaden Region


    By Ogadentoday Press Chief Editor 

    (Ogadentoday Press)- Numerous reports says civilians crack down taking place in Ogaden Region, eastern part of Ethiopia where conflict between Ethiopian government and ONLF, a rebel nationalist group fighting for independence of Ogaden region.

    An independent source told Ogadentoday Press that almost 300 civilians are detained in July in the Ogaden Region.

    According to an elder who spoke Ogadentoday press said that, 7 civilians killed by the paramilitary militia known Liyu Police, the incident took place on 22 July in Dhagahbur Zone, the elder provided the names of civilians killed.

    They were all civilians and the troops detained and killed in the midnight, they gathered locals and informed that they have to bury their relatives, said the elder on phone.

    In Kebridahar, Qorehey Zone, unconfirmed numbers are reported taken to jail, while villages in that area are reported civilians killing. A Shilabo town, a district In Qorehey Zone about 110 KM south of Kebridahar, the source said that 35 civilians are detained while 5 were killed.

    Ogaden region is unstable political and conflict between, the ONLF, Ogaden National Liberation Front and Ethiopian troops, ONLF had captured the International media on 2007 while they attacked a chine’s oil field In Ogaden. Media is barred from the Ogaden Region completely,

    Human Right Organizations accused Ethiopian Government killing, rape, lootings and displacements, and burning down villages. Some analyst describe Ogaden Region as, " Darfur of Ethiopia”
    Peace talks between ONLF and Ethiopian government stalled on October 2012.

    According to sources, there are still efforts going on, both ONLF and Ethiopia government is willing peace talks.

    ONLF founded in 1984, and fighting for self-determination of Ogaden region, the region was handed over to Ethiopia by the Britain in 1948.

    Ogadentoday Press
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